Efficient Manufacturing solutions

Global Metal Works has the facilities, equipment and the operational experience that will help manage your metal fabrication, heavy equipment refurbishment needs.

Metal Refurbishment

How Global Metal Works improve your profitability?

  • Enhance business operations
  • Increase production capacity
  • Improve customer lead time
  • Improve per unit & overall cost
  • Reduce labor and overtime costs
  • Decrease inventory carrying costs
  • Reduce customer wait times
  • Offer Just in time deliveries

Case Study

Current GLOBAL Customer Reducing Labor Costs

Key Product Line

~20% of labor hours are overtime hours

Before Global Partnership

Weekly production

  • Without overtime (15 units), with overtime (18 units)
  • Maximum capacity: 20 units with overtime

Weekly production requirements

  • 20 initially, step increases to 25 and 30 units

Labor Overtime Analysis

Overtime Hours Per Week 200
Weeks per Year 48
Total Overtime Hours Per Year 9,600
Incremental Cost Per Overtime Hour $11.00
Total Annual Incremental Labor Cost $105,600
Productivity of Overtime Hour v. Standard Hour 90%
Actual Annual Cost of Overtime Labor $117,333

With Global Partnership

Within 6 months of Global partnership, the customer has:

  • Increased production capacity by 50% in same plant footprint
  • Significantly reduced overtime
  • Increased product line profit margin by >25%
  • Identifying additional components to outsource to Global

Labor Overtime Analysis

 Labor Hours per Unit

Partnered w/Global


Outsourced Component 18  0
All Other Components 77  77
Total Labor Hours 95  77

Giving a 19% reduction in labor hours per unit